10 Fun Activities to Do with Your Best Friend on Friendship Day (and Any Other Day!)

10 Fun Activities to Do with Your Best Friend on Friendship Day (and Any Other Day!)

Your best friend is the only person in the world who truly understands what you like and dislike. Best friends are truly a blessing, and nothing beats their company. Friendship Day is on August 5th, which we are also celebrating at BBlunt Frazer Town, but we all know that any day is a good day to spend with your best friends (especially when shenanigans are involved). Even the dumbest jokes become the best memories with them.

When you read the preceding paragraph, at least one person immediately came to mind. This person is most likely your undisputed BFF! So, regardless of gender, we’ve compiled a list of fun things you can do with them, and Friendship Day is the perfect time to get started!

Friendship Day

1. Binge viewing.

If you and your bestie have a favorite TV show or movie series (hint: you’re never too old to re-watch the Harry Potter movies), all you need is some popcorn, a cozy spot, and, of course, your bestie!

2. Food sampling.

If you and your BFF are both foodies, you could make a list of all your favorite restaurants or cuisines and go on a food spree! From pizza to butter chicken, now is the time to cross all of your favorite dishes off your list! Even if you have a food baby, you will not be alone.

3. Experimentation.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good adventure? If you’re not the lazy type, pack your bags and go on a hike or explore a nearby location! There are so many undiscovered places that you probably aren’t even aware of, so you and your BFF can spend some time on Google and plan the perfect expedition!

Four left feet?.

It doesn’t matter if you two are the best or worst dancers; music and fun are all about being yourself, unapologetically, and with your BFF by your side, you never have to worry! Find a cool hangout in town and get those dancing shoes because if not now, when?

5. Have a brunch.

There are tons of hip and happening places all over that are organizing special brunches with a dose of fun and a dollop of excitement, especially on the occasion of Friendship Day! Book a table for two and treat your bestie to the best extended afternoon ever.

6. It’s time to pamper yourself.

If you and your BFF are the calmer types who simply enjoy relaxing and gossiping together, look no further! Visit our special BBlunt Mini salon in Frazer Town. You can also get a flat 20% discount* on any service you use (with your +1). A makeover for two? Please, yes!

7. tails and whiskers.

Animal lovers make the best BFFs, and if you and your coworker fall into this category, we have just the thing for you: Go to an animal shelter! A day spent with furry friends and purring felines can be nothing short of therapeutic, as well as a wonderful way to share your affection for these adorable creatures.

8. Calling all shopaholics!.

Some of us just want an excuse to go shopping, so why not with the person who knows what looks best on you? Make a shopping date and you’ll return with a lot of smiles (and a lot more bags!)

The Jet Setters.

Don’t even think twice if time and feasibility are on your side! A weekend getaway is exactly what you and your BFF need to get some “us” time and leave all of your worries behind. A road trip is an excellent way to spend time with them (while also taking MANY pictures!)

10. Host a house party!

Is your best friend also your roommate? If so, congratulations! The best way to commemorate this day is to throw a fun house party and invite all of your friends to join you in celebrating the madness and craziness of friendship! Your two-person party could grow into a large group!