HIIT Workout in the Pool

HIIT Workout in the Pool

Winter may be on its way, but indoor pools are a great way to get a high-intensity workout without the impact. The best part is that you don’t have to be able to swim all of the strokes proficiently (you do need to be able to swim enough so that you aren’t putting yourself in danger in the water) to work out in the pool.

There are numerous moves you can do in the pool, such as high knees, butt kicks, squats, lunges, and so much more, to get a great workout, especially in shallow water. If you live in a warm climate, a pool or even the ocean (on a flat surface free of marine life) will suffice.

Water workouts are ideal for those who do not want a high-intensity workout.

However, you can still get a high-intensity, heart-pounding workout in the pool. The advantage is that the resistance of the water surrounding your entire body adds an extra element of intensity. The key, as with any other pool workout, is to keep moving and moving hard in order to raise your heart rate. Finally, it’s an excellent way to mix up workouts, cross train, and keep things interesting.

What You Need:

There is no equipment needed for this workout. A life vest or flotation device is always recommended if you are uncomfortable or do not know how to swim. Kickboards, noodles, and small inner tubes can be used as flotation devices to hold onto or support the body.

You’ll need a towel to dry off, a swim cap if you don’t want your hair to get wet, and proper swimwear. Keep a bottle of water nearby to quench your thirst.

Depending on your swimming preferences, additional items such as goggles and swim masks are optional.

The Workout: Jump in (but not in the shallow water!) and acclimate to the temperature for a few minutes if necessary.

Warm-up: 1 minute water walk, 2 minutes water jog

*Depending on your recovery time, allow 15 to 30 seconds between movements. If the time limit for any of the movements is too long, do your best for as long as you see fit.

HIIT – This high intensity interval workout requires you to work as hard as you can during each movement to raise your heart rate.

Circuit 1:

High Knees – 1 Minute

Butt Kicks – 1 Minute

Tuck Jumps – 1 Minute

Jumping Jacks – 1 Minute

Water Walk – 1 Minute

(break time – grab water if needed)

Circuit 2

Side Shuffle Right – 30 Seconds
Side Shuffle Left – 30 Seconds
Tread Water Legs Only – 1 Minute

(If you don’t know how to tread water, substitute squat jumps instead)
1 minute of chest flies (arms under water – perform the chest fly exercise using just the resistance of the water)
Water Walk – 1 minute

(break time – grab water if needed)

*Repeat circuit twice.

Circuit 3

Squats (as quick as you can) – 1 minute

water run – 1 minute water walking lunges – 1 minute

water high knee skip – 1 minute water walk – 1 minute

water walk – 1 minute

water walk (break time – grab water if you need it)
*Repeat the circuit two times.